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ShareThere were so many contentious issues at last week’s NATO summit in Vilnius, along with a large…
SpyTalk 1h

The US Military Has an Extremism Problem  The Nation
“DOJ to investigate leaks of apparent classified US military documents” – Google News 1h

Mark Landler, New York Times As it turns 75, the N.H.S., a proud symbol of Britain’s welfare state,…
RealClearInvestigations – Homepage 1h

Crimea bridge blast another chink in Putin’s armor  Asia Times
“crimean bridge attack” – Google News 1h

Ireland will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes, vows Leo Varadkar  The Independent
“zelensky” – Google News 1h

Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff of the United States Department of Homeland Security, claims…
19FortyFive 1h

Joe Biden takes aim at Marjorie Taylor Greene in ad: In a new online ad, the president uses audio from…
19FortyFive 1h

Netanyahu corruption trial on recess until September  The Times of Israel
“Netanyahu” – Google News 1h

Israeli President Isaac Herzog is preparing to deliver a historic address before a joint session of Congress…
Arutz Sheva News 1h

Russia hits critical port facilities in Odesa after Kremlin halts grain deal  Yahoo Eurosport UK
“Russians halt their offensive in Ukraine” – Google News 1h

UK spy agency tools up on AI to counter China, its chief says  POLITICO Europe
“Intelligence Services” – Google News 1h

Head of MI6 warns that China is setting ‘data traps’ for partners  The Record from Recorded Future News
“Intelligence Services” – Google News 1h

Israel and the new America
“National security adviser Jake Sullivan” – Google News 1h

Russia-Ukraine updates: Zelenskyy, Putin assess counteroffensive …  Al Jazeera English
“Intelligence Assessments of Russia Ukraine War 2022” – Google News 1h

Chechen leader’s nephew made head of seized Danone subsidiary in Russia  Business Standard
“Kremlin Papers” – Google News 1h

Larry Nassar Stabbed in Prison Over Lewd Remark About Women  Radar Online
“Bryan Kohberger opioids addiction” – Google News 1h

As Moscow braces itself, Kohberger trial will bring media circus to …  Idaho Capital Sun
“Idaho murders” – Google News 1h

Russian Bombs On Odesa ‘Hitting World’s Poorest’: Germany  Barron’s
“Germany” – Google News 1h

Germany’s far-right AfD makes key political gains as Olaf Scholz’s governing coalition wobbles  Yahoo…
“scholz and putin” – Google News 1h

New FBI headquarters delayed by GSA as Virginia, Maryland wait
“fbi” – Google News 1h

Chairman Jordan threatens to hold FBI director in contempt of …  The Highland County Press
“fbi” – Google News 1h

Ukraine’s Military-Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Budanov said Russia is on the brink of civil war.(Reuters)Russia… 2h

Fears over the death of privacy in the United States are turning some of Washington’s most pronounced… 2h

FBI Surveillance Fears Are Uniting a Badly Broken Congress  WIRED
“Christopher Wray” – Google News 2h

Ransomware attackers getting more sophisticated: Canadian Centre for Cyber Security  CP24
ransomware – Google News 2h

Arresting Putin would be declaration of war: South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa  South China Morning Post
“Kremlin Papers” – Google News 2h

Russia’s President Putin won’t attend BRICS summit in South Africa …  i24NEWS
“Kremlin Papers” – Google News 2h

Britain’s MI6 chief says his spies are using AI to disrupt flow of weapons to Russia  WKRG News 5
“russian spies in united states” – Google News 2h

Ukrainian aquatic drones which may have been used to target the strategically key Kerch Bridge from Crimea… 2h

Pence says Trump’s Ukraine war promise requires giving ‘Putin what he wanted’  The Hill
“Putin and Trump” – Google News 5h

Putin says ‘Wagner does not exist’ after meeting with Prigozhin, commanders  Yahoo News
“Putin and Trump” – Google News 5h

U.S. Blacklists Israeli-owned Cyber Arms Firms – National Security & …  Haaretz
“Counterintelligence Investigations” – Google News 5h

 us domestic intelligence agencies and the capitol riot – Google SearchTuesday July 18th, 2023 at 2:32…
The News And Times 5h

Russia blames Ukraine for attack on key Crimea military supply bridge  Marine Corps Times
“crimean bridge attack” – Google News 5h

Underwater ‘drones blew up key bridge’ linking Russia to Crimea killing two people  Yahoo News Canada
“july 17, 2023 crimean bridge attack by underwater drones” – Google News 5h

Ukraine live briefing: Wagner chief accuses Russian military of attack  The Washington Post
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 5h

Russia targets southern Ukraine with drones, missiles after attack on Crimean bridge  The Hill
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 5h

Traffic resumed on Crimean Bridge  CGTN
“Crimean bridge” – Google News 5h

The ‘Useful Idiots’ In Western Academia Are Really ‘Conscious …  Eurasia Review “counterespionage”…
Counterintelligence from Michael_Novakhov (51 sites) 5h

Disinformation mechanisms  Medium “military intelligence counterintelligence” – Google News
Counterintelligence from Michael_Novakhov (51 sites) 5h

Russia is on the edge of civil war, Ukraine spy chief claims  Yahoo! Voices
“Russia’s spying networks in Europe” – Google News 5h

Dana Loesch explains how a typo caused millions of emails intended for members of the US military to…
Google Alert – Capitol Riot as the military operation 5h

U.S. officials say an American soldier who fled across the heavily armed border from South Korea into…
Google Alert – Capitol Riot as the military operation 5h

Mike Pence has criticized the actions of his former boss during the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot, but Pence…
Google Alert – Capitol Riot as the military operation 5h

Former President Donald Trump says he’s received a target letter from the DOJ. The letter, if real, could…
Capitol Riot as Failure of Intelligence – BingНовини 5h

A look at how the desert city of Phoenix copes with summer heat  Spectrum News NY1
“brooklyn weather” – Google News 5h

Phoenix’s long simmering heat poised to break records for relentless …  Spectrum News NY1
“brooklyn weather” – Google News 5h

“This is a European conflict of real significance and I think it’s important that Ukraine comes out of…
The Brooklyn Radio 5h

“There’s a lot of speculation about how long he’s going to last.” Putin’s demise could lead to the…
The Brooklyn Radio 5h

“Incoherence and hatred between the various leaders on the Russian side guarantees that they will not…
The Brooklyn Radio 5h

As new video sheds light on the disaster, a task force completed its search for survivors at the Davenport…
The Brooklyn Radio 5h

New video shows the moments leading to an apartment building collapse in Davenport, Iowa.
The Brooklyn Radio 5h

Here we “smoke” again. Another blast of Canadian wildfire smoke is infiltrating New York City this week,…
Brooklyn Paper 5h
8lHosekg.png а>
It’s another steamy day with poor air quality in #NYC. 🌫️ @SallyAnnMosey says to look for the possibility…
NY1 Weather (Twitter) 5h
8lHosekg.png а>
More showers and thunderstorms are possible through this afternoon and evening. A few stronger storms…
NY1 Weather (Twitter) 5h

CBS New York’s Vanessa Murdock is calling for temperatures in the mid-80s, with that lingering chance…
CBS New York 5h

Russians appalled by Ukraine war should spy for UK, says MI6 boss Sir Richard Moore  Sky News
putin – Google News 5h

Новости Радио Свобода: точность, оперативность, беспристрастность
Аудионовости 6h

(19 Jul 2023) Footage released of lost Australian sailor rescue. Subscribe for more Breaking News:…
Associated Press 6h

Associated Press Bulletins 6h

AP correspondent Ben Thomas reports on Biden-Israel.
AP Audio Wire 6h

(19 Jul 2023) Israeli police used water cannon to clear anti-government demonstrators from the main junction…
Associated Press 6h

Does your HOA have too much power? What homeowner …  The Dallas Morning News
“condo law” – Google News 6h

MI6 door ‘always open’ to Russian defectors, says UK spy chief Richard Moore  POLITICO Europe
“Intelligence Services” – Google News 6h

Ukraine: Kyiv calls Crimea base fire ‘successful operation’ – DW – 07/19/2023  DW (English)
“kyiv” – Google News 6h

Russia launches intense night attacks across Ukraine, targeting southern port city for second night  KFOR…
“kyiv” – Google News 6h

Russia launches intense nighttime attacks across Ukraine, targeting the southern port city of Odesa  KTLA…
“kyiv” – Google News 6h

NPR News: 07-19-2023 4AM EDT Download audio:…
Investigations of Donald Trump and his circles – 6h

Putin ordered 2 Western corporate giants to be seized after Kremlin-friendly businessmen expressed an…
putin – Google News 6h

Explosions on the Kerch Bridge linking Russia to annexed Crimea have led to the collapse of one span,… 6h 7h

Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin and nearly three dozen of his… 7h

Мужчина пришел к Кремлю с бутылкой, наполненной горючей смесью. Затем он швырнул “коктейль Молотова”… 7h

Idaho prosecutors responded to a suggestion from the defense that suspect Bryan Kohberger’s DNA could… 7h

РИА Новости
1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites) 15h

What is this Ancient Perpetual Stew Being Served in a Brooklyn Park?  Ancient Origins
“brooklyn news” – Google News 16h

Brooklyn street renamed for NYPD Det. Wilbert Mora  CBS News
“brooklyn news” – Google News 16h

Fear drives Brooklyn youth to carry guns – and neither cops nor jail are a deterrent, study says  New…
“brooklyn news” – Google News 16h

В отношении отставного полковника ГРУ Владимира Квачкова составили протокол о «дискредитации» армии (статья…
The Moscow Times на русском — Независимые новости для России 16h

Judge in Trump classified documents case tells prosecutors that –  KTEN
“mueller investigation” – Google News 16h

This morning, former President Donald Trump announced that he expects to be indicted for his role in… 20h

WASHINGTON, June 27 (Reuters) – A new report detailing intelligence failures leading up to the Jan. 6,… 20h

  Arab News
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

  Deccan Herald
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

  CNN International
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

  The Moscow Times
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

  Al Mayadeen English
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

  The Indian Express
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

Why the new attack on Russia’s Kerch Bridge in Crimea matters  msnNOW
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

  The New York Times
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 21h

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